Attract and Engage Your Shoppers!​
Breakthrough Shelf Lighting Concept.​​​​​
​Effects Available with SPLASH.​​
Hussmann’s SPLASH is a revolutionary
concept in shopper marketing that uses
color and motion to attract the attention
of shoppers and influence their purchasing
decisions. With SPLASH, you can highlight
products on promotion, draw attention to
specific items or new brands, create interest
in areas that are normally overlooked,
and much more!
Up to 85% of the information we receive
is through our eyes, and up to 3 out of
4 shopping decisions are made at shelf.
Motion attracts attention, and yet most
supermarket displays are completely static.
With SPLASH you can create motion with
light, catching the eye of shoppers and
placing focus where you want it.
​You can program SPLASH from every 4 inches
up to the entire case to best highlight products
on the shelf. In addition, motion effects create
an impression that is completely new to retail
food displays. Available profiles include:
  • A variety of colors that bring a new
    richness and intensity to 
    or packaging.
  • Changing colors that highlight a
    particular product.
  • Flashing, blinking and wave motions 
    that create a billboard effect.
  • We can even create an exclusive 
    profile just for you!​
​ ​