Hussmann has been providing world-class equipment solutions to small format stores for decades. Let us apply our expertise to your business.

Our wide range of refrigeration  options are perfectly suited to small format stores selling perishable foods. From Protocol multiple compressor systems, to single compressor condensing units, you can choose the energy efficiency and the refrigeration performance  you need for optimal freshness and appeal.
Layout and Design:
From self-contained models, ​to smaller specialty cases, to wrap-around island displays, to open multi-decks, you will find Hussmann display fixtures with optimal merchandise appeal that attract, guide and influence your shoppers. In addition, they help optimize both energy efficiency and refrigeration performance.​​
Project Management: 
With experience in all facets of project management, we can provide the level of support you need to make sure your project is handled professionally, efficiently, on-time and on budget.

Select from our industry-leading walk-in cooler doors, lights, shelving and  evaporator coils. We offer Innovator doors as well as the newer EcoVision French style doors  for walk-ins, all with exceptional energy efficiency, lighting and merchandise visibility.

Food Service:
You want to delight customers with exceptional food purchasing experiences, from refrigerated to frozen to food prep. Hussmann provides the perfect temperature control, display equipment and services to help maintain freshness and maximize your food and beverage sales. Whether you’re just getting started or have been selling food for decades, we can help optimize your food selling success​.

Digital Shopper Engagement Solutions:  
Small format retailers have a unique opportunity to take advantage of new technologies to engage shoppers while more efficiently managing their operations. Hussmann has partnered with world-class leaders in digital technologies to offer new digital solutions for small format stores that improve shopper engagement and loyalty while reducing operating costs.​