​​​​​​​​​Q3-MV, Q3-FV 

Multi-Deck Service Meat / Fish Case with Vertical Glass


4' (Q3-MV(FV)-4R), 6' (Q3-MV(FV)-6R), 8' (Q3-MV(FV)-8R), 12' (Q3-MV(FV) -12R)


- Front hinged french tempered glass doors 
- 3/8" tempered glass top
- Clear glass rear sliding doors
- Gravity/conduction coil (Meat)
- Gravity coil, ice pans with stops (Fish) 
- NEW FocalPointTM adjustable LED canopy light (Patent Pending)
- Front glass air sweep
- Stainless steel interior
- Stainless steel rear exterior panels
- Painted front panels
- Black vinyl cart bumper
- Thermostat and suction stop solenoid
- Please reference color chart for choice of standard Hussmann paint and finish options


- Coil corrosion protective coating
- Automatic or manual water flush (reduces the need for manual case cleaning)
- Mirrored rear sliding doors
- Adjustable heights for Q-Series families
- View or solid ends
- Mirror finish stainless steel inside end panels 
- Dedicated scale outlet and Cat 5 scale connections
- Thermoplastic wrapping board
- 15 amp GFCI duplex outlets
- Liquid line shut-off hand valve
- Special interior and exterior finishes* (consult your Hussmann sales representative)

DOE 2012 Energy Efficiency Compliant  Hussmann refrigerated merchandisers configured for sale for use in the United States meet or surpass the requirements of the DOE 2012 energy efficiency standards.​