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Food Quality, Integrity and Sanitation


Hussmann's food integrity team provides individually tailored food safety and quality consulting services to the grocery industry. Its goal is to improve overall food integrity while maintaining regulatory compliance, protecting brand identity and supporting risk mitigation. Our expertise from diversified food industry management experience, paired with in-depth scientific resources, establishes customized solutions on the following issues:

  • ​Food Quality
  • Product Integrity
  • Food Safety
  • Cleanability
  • ​Traceability
  • Quality Assurance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Third Party Audits
  • Food Industry Trends
  • New Technology Development
  • Food Testing Services

Hussmann works with retailers, manufacturers, growers, trade associations and government entities around the world in tackling some of the industry's most critical situations. Through our relationships, knowledge and experience, we are working together to enact policy aimed at advancing the standards in food safety across the food industry.

For more information:

​Our History of Food Quality and Integrity

Hussmann was founded in 1906 with Food Safety as one of its core values.
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Microban® Antimicrobial Protection

Hussmann has partnered with Microban international to develop the industry’s first display shelves, wire racks and door handles with antimicrobial protection.
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Food Safety Resources

Valuable links to the industry's most trusted sources regarding food safety.
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Memberships and Affiliations

Hussmann has partnered with many respected organizations within the food industry.
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Food Integrity Links

Hussmann recognizes the groups shown here who are dedicated to environmental and charitable causes.
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