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Focus on Retail Trends:  Understanding What Matters Most to Your Shoppers

By understanding the demographic and social trends that affect the communities you serve, you can develop merchandising and other business strategies that effectively address the needs of your customers.  This can help you attract more customers and create loyalty among those entering your stores.

The attached paper, based on Hussmann’s customer focused presentation at FMI, outlines seven of the most important shopper trends of our time, and offers suggestions on addressing the needs of each customer segment.

​​​​​​Inspired Merchandising Solutions 

At Hussmann, we understand that merchandising is the heart and soul of your ability to sell more products to your customers.  We are serious about partnering with you to find the right merchandising solutions that enable you to differentiate yourself from other food retailers.  By bringing together the art and science of inspired merchandising solutions, we can make a difference in the top line success of your business.  

Hussmann Specialty works with retailers on "Reinventing the Retail Experience" through custom display merchandisers that meet your specific merchandising needs.  Click on the in-store photo showcase below and take a look at some of our unique specialty products, or click here to go to the Specialty section of the site​.