Company Overview

Since 1906, Hussmann has provided innovative products, services and solutions for preserving and merchandising fresh foods. It is recognized throughout the world as a leader in manufacturing, selling, installing, and servicing display equipment and refrigeration systems for customers in the retail food industry. It also provides a variety of services to help food retailers become more efficient and effective. Hussmann serves several key markets, including supermarkets, mass merchants,  convenience stores, drug stores, dollar and discount stores, and foodservice operations.

Hussmann is enabling excellence in food retailing by providing innovative solutions in areas such as merchandising, energy efficiency and sustainability, food quality and integrity, refrigeration, design and engineering, service and installation, and improving retail performance. We are passionate about  food retailing and have a relentless dedication to our customers' success. 

Hussmann was ac​quired by Panasonic Corporation on April 1, 2016.​

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Hussmann Products, Services and Strategic Support

Hussmann's products include refrigerated and non-refrigerated display merchandisers, specialty display cases, self-contained display cases, LED lighting, glass doors and lids, refrigeration systems and other related products. To back up its broad product offerings, Hussmann provides installation, service, maintenance, and aftermarket parts through an extensive service organization.

Hussmann offers a variety of related services in selected markets, including project management, energy audits and upgrades, construction support, application engineering, and store layout and design services. We base all our offerings on a culture of innovation focused on meeting the unique needs of retail customers and the consumers they serve.

In addition, Hussmann provides strategic support for retailers during various stages of business planning.  For example, we can assist in an analysis of consumers and food preferences.  Then we can help review categories of food products and specific SKU's, the types of retail environments best suited to the sale of those products, and specific merchandising platforms most effective in stimulating sales.  These and similar topics can be discussed during visits to the Hussmann Global Hub or in other pre-arranged meetings.  Related information is available in the merchandising section of this site​.

Passion.  Perspective.  Performance.

This set of driving characteristics is what sets Hussmann apart.  It’s what enables us to create greater value for our customers and for the consumers they serve.  

Passion:  We’re passionate about food retailing and about helping retailers improve the lives of their consumers.  Passion is what drives our constant curiosity and motivation to improve outcomes in our industry.

Perspective:  For more than a century, Hussmann has maintained its focus on supporting food retailers through innovation and personalized service.  We look at the larger issues in food retailing and their interdependencies:  changing consumers, dynamic supply chains, evolving competition, emerging regulations, developing technologies, and more.  We bring a distinctive perspective to the challenges and the opportunities for improvement.  Perhaps most importantly, we apply that perspective to uniquely maximize the success of each of our customers. 

Performance:  As an experienced team of food and food retail experts, we are committed to delivering results that create superior value.  That means understanding what is truly important and constantly measuring our progress toward meeting and exceeding world class standards in those areas.  We drive performance in all aspects of our business so we can enable excellence in yours.