Historical Timeline

1906​Company founded in St. Louis, Missouri, by Harry L. Hussmann​ ​ ​
1917​First patented meat display case, cooled with ice and salt
1927​Cooling coil installed in Hussmann case, marks beginning of automatic electric refrigeration
1932​First frozen food case developed for Clarence Birdseye
1933​Introduced refrigeration systems specifically designed for food stores ​
1935​First self-service frozen food display case ​
1939​First self-service display cases for meat, dairy, produce ​
1941​Due to war effort Hussmann builds prefabricated houses throughout US ​
1945​Introduced a merchandiser that keeps temperature near zero in an open display ​
1947​First dairy multi-deck merchandiser ​
1948​Established Canadian sales and service organization ​
1950​Hussmann Aircraft Division formed to support Korean conflict ​
​Developed air curtain display cooler ​
1951​First fully automatic defrost display cases introduced ​
1954​Added mechanical checkouts to product line ​
1960​Introduced multi-deck frozen food display fixtures ​
​Introduced Koolgas refrigeration ​
​1962​Introduced Big System for total-store refrigeration ​
1966​Launched the “New System” — a new concept in refrigeration ​
​Specialty one-piece island produce case launched ​
​Introduced first Total-Store Refrigeration and Environmental Control System ​
​Pet Milk Co. acquired Hussmann ​
1967​Completed new St. Louis plant — over 1,600,000 sq. ft. under roof ​
​Acquired American Refrigeration Products in Mexico ​
1968​Introduced foamed-in-place insulation ​
1969​Acquired manufacturing operation in Gloversville, New York ​
1970​Specialty Produce Y display table launched ​
1972​Introduced revolutionary dual air curtain system for meat cases ​
1973​Introduced Foamed Highback Multi-deck Meat case ​
1976​Acquired Krack Corporation in Addison, Illinois ​
1977​Introduced Pol-Airus Air Curtain Reach-In cases ​
1978​IC Industries acquired Pet and Hussmann ​
1979​Opened the Hussmann Institute — industry’s first technical training facility ​
​Chron-o-Mizer energy management system introduced ​
​1980​Introduced one-piece Wide Island Meat case ​
1981​Hussmann Refrigerator Co. changed name to Hussmann Corporation ​
1982​Developed SuperPlus Refrigeration System ​
​Opened Infrisa in Monterrey, Mexico ​
1984​Introduced La Gallerié product line of curved glass cases ​
1985​Developed Fibertronics control panel for SuperPlus system ​
​Hussmann Foodservice Company began operations ​
​1987​Hussmann U.K. began operations ​
1989​Introduced Specialty Produce Dog Bone case ​
1990​Introduced Vision Series Merchandisers in North America ​
​Introduced Elgin Line of merchandisers for European market ​
1993​Introduced the PROTOCOL refrigeration system ​
1994​Introduced the Accent Series of Self-Contained Specialty Merchandisers ​
1995​Introduced Impact Merchandisers ​
​Began Luoyang/Hussmann, a Joint Venture manufacturing operation in Luoyang, China ​
1996​Introduced a line of Impact low temperature models ​
1997​Introduced Impact Convertible merchandisers for all medium temperature applications ​
1998​Hussmann spun-off by Whitman Corp, begins trading on the NYSE ​
​Acquired McAlpine Triangle Australasia in Australia and New Zealand ​
​Opened a new state-of-the-art refrigeration plant in Suwanee, Georgia ​
​1999​Acquired Koxka in Spain ​
​Introduced ASC service specialty cases with patented elliptical design ​
2000​Introduced Innovator Doors for reach-ins ​
​Hussmann acquired by Ingersoll-Rand ​
2001​Acquired Precision Refrigeration, Taylor Industries, and National Refrigeration Services ​
2002​Introduced Innovator II Doors for greater energy efficiency in reach-in ​
​Introduced NIM Frozen Novelty Spot Merchandiser ​
2003​Introduced Impact Elite Merchandisers ​
​Introduced CR3 Service Deli Case with self-service deli front ​
​Introduced Protocol HE (High Efficiency) ​
2004​Introduced Always*Clear Reach-In Doors that prevent fogging when opened and closed ​
​Introduced CID Mini Specialty Merchandiser ​
​Introduced Impact Excel Merchandisers for medium temperature ​
​Announced Hussmann Assurance Plans for comprehensive equipment and service solutions ​
​Introduced BCH Bottle Cooler with cassette refrigeration ​
2005​Introduced Impact Excel Merchandisers for low temperature ​
​Introduced the Q-Series specialty merchandisers ​
2006Hussmann celebrated its 100 year anniversary​ ​
​Introduced the RGDC Bump Out specialty merchandiser ​
​Introduced LED lighting for reach-in merchandisers ​
2007​Introduced Ultra Low Front Dairy Case ​
​Launched the Protocol Low Profile System ​
2008​Hussmann became a GreenChill Partner ​
​Introduced LED shelf lights for multi-deck cases ​
​Launched Protocol SP ​
​Introduced Q-Series multi-deck cases ​
2009​Developed Isla modular island merchandiser ​
​Introduced Protochill distributed secondary system ​
2010​Launched Microban® antibacterial coating on shelving and door handles ​
​Introduced XtraLife meat case ​
​Developed LifeLine Premier Series reach-in cases ​
Launched EcoVision Doors for multi-deck cases ​
2011​Introduced Innovator III reach-in doors ​
​Launched EcoShine II LED lights for display cases ​
​Hussmann purchased by Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, LLC (CD&R) ​
2012​Retail Optimization Service introduced ​
​Launched Freedom Line Merchandisers ​
​Introduced TerraChill DX2 Refrigeration System using CO2 refrigerant ​
​Hussmann goes mobile with Hussmann Mobile App ​
​Hussmann opens “Global Hub” Retail Innovation Center
​2013​Hussmann introduced Entyce line of island merchandisers
​Hussmann launched EcoVision II Plus doors
​Hussmann launched full line of EcoShine II Plus LED lights