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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Innovation at Hussmann

Innovation is central to the way Hussmann does business.
 For over a hundred years, we've been introducing innovative products and services with the sole purpose of helping our food retail customers become more effective in a highly competitive environment.

Our innovative process always begins with listening. We listen to the needs of our retail partners to understand their challenges, opportunities and concerns. We also listen to the consumers they serve, so we understand how our innovations will contribute to a superior shopping experience that builds satisfaction and loyalty.

Applying this knowledge, we then develop innovative solutions that enable excellence in food retailing. Some of our more recent innovations include:

  • EcoShine II LED Lights
  • EcoVision Doors for Multi-deck Cases
  • Retail Optimization Services
  • Freedom Line Reach-ins and Multi-decks
  • Isla Create-Your-Own-Island Merchandiser
  • Q3 Service Merchandiser Series
  • Entyce Island Displays
  • Protochill Distributed Secondary Systems
  • TerraChill CO2 Systems
  • TerraChill DX2 Low Temperature Subcritical Direct Expansion System Using CO2
  • LifeLine Premier Series