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Sustainability and Energy.
  • Approx. 17% average case energy savings vs​​. other Hussmann models.​
  • Standard LED’s save 71% energy vs. fluorescent.
  • High efficiency night curtains save an additional 6% in energy if used 6 hour per day.
  • EcoVision doors save about 79% energy vs. previous Hussmann cases without doors.
  • Over 30% less refrigerant in coils vs. previous coil designs.​​
Retail Performance.​
  • No joints in back wall and “bathtub” bottom for fewer leaks, be​tter sanitation.
  • All electrical components rated IP 65 or greater, can be sprayed with water.
  • Coil in back wall, flip-up fan plenum, smooth rounded edges improve sanitation, make cleaning easier.
  • New anti-clog drain strainer, easier cleaning.
  • Flip-up access door on optional bottom rack.
  • Electrical raceway in canopy for easy access.
  • Microban protection on shelves and door handles.
  • Unibody design improves strength/integrity, facilitates moving, joining and setting cases.
  • All end surfaces one flat plane, easier joining.
  • Interlocking conical case joining system, easier alignment.
  • New gasket channel ensures integrity of final seal.​

Food Quality.
  • Best-in-class product temperatures.
  • Unique dual air curtain design improves product temperatures and energy efficiency.
  • Stable, uniform product temperatures protect freshness.
  • Very little temp variation throughout performance cycle.
  • Shorter defrost cycles protect food integrity.
  • Option on most models for Type II climatic conditions.​
Superior Merchandising.
  • Flexibility in case aesthetics to enhance merchandising and store image.
  • EcoShine LED lighting optimized for even, effective lighting.
  • Temperature flexibility allows option for convertible merchandising in most models.
  • Improved air curtain reduces cold aisle effect by approx. 2-3° F.
  • ​EcoVision French doors maximize energy savings and product visibility.​
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