​​​​​​​​​​​MagPak Refrigeration System​​​​
​Sustainable Environmental Solutions Designed with Package Unit Technology.​​

MagPak is the newest generation of distributed refrigeration systems from Hussmann. This compact,
outdoor-rated package refrigeration system features our “V” design Microchannel condenser, and variable
speed control fan motors for high energy efficiency, BACnet capable unit controller for seamless performance monitoring, all housed in a service-friendly enclosure that incorporates a hands-free weather shield and lighted control panel. MagPak is designed for optimal performance within the pre-defined capacity ranges and undergoes rigid factory performance testing to ensure years of reliable refrigeration performance.
Service-friendly, hands-free weather shield enclosure with lighted control panel

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​​​Key Benefits
  • Pre-defined capacity ranges facilitate easy unit selection and optimal performance within each range.
  • Krack® super-efficient “V” design Microchannel condenser for a significant reduction in refrigeration charge and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Hands-free weather shield and lighted control panel for easy service.
  • QR code provides instant access to piping and wiring drawings, parts list and service related videos.
  • Single-suction groups with loop piping supports faster and lower cost installation.
  • Variable speed control for each condenser fan improves energy efficiency.
  • Factor-installed components make installation and start-up faster and easier.
  • Factory performance testing ensures years of reliable refrigeration performance.
  • Small platform package unit eliminates the need for a separate machine room.
  • High and low pressure protection, Copeland CoreSense™ protection for oil level monitoring and compressor proofing.​