Proto-Aire EZ is the latest innovation in outdoor, multi-compressor refrigeration systems. A superior alternative to using multiple, single condensing units.

This new product was designed specifically for small format stores. It is engineered for efficiency and performance, designed for convenience, and built to last.
EZ fills the gap between condensing units and parallel racks.  Instead of installing multiple, single condensing units, for remodels and smaller format stores, customers can install a single Proto-Aire EZ unit to handle all refrigeration needs.  This approach helps lower installation cost by only having to lift, set and install one unit instead of multiple units.  The installation time is reduced significantly and since only one unit is required, customers avoid the cost of multiple line sets and roof penetrations that are required when using multiple condensing units. 

  • Quick, Easy and Lower Cost Installations – one unit that replaces the need for multiple, single condensing units
  • Energy Efficient Design – Proto-Aire EZ is up to 25% more energy efficient for the equivalent refrigeration capacity of multiple, single condensing units
  • Easy Service – open, accessible design makes service quick and easy
  • Lower Lifetime Cost of Ownership – Proto-Aire EZ is less expensive to install, maintain and operate when compared to using multiple condensing units
  • Easy Choice – when you consider all the benefits of Proto-Aire EZ, the choice is easy

Two platform sizes along with multiple compressor options allow Proto-Aire EZ to fit applications with capacity ranges from 11K BTUH up to 176K BTUH, with a limit of 15-degree TD on the condenser.

​Physical Characteristics
Small Platform 106” x 57” x 50” (L x D x H)
Shipping weight 2,080 lbs.
Up to 74,400 BTUH refrigeration capacity

Large Platform 134” x 57” x 50” (L x D x H)
Shipping weight 2,437 lbs.
Up to 176,000 BTUH refrigeration capacity

  • Electrofin coated condenser coil
  • Individual compressor circuit breakers, 230V
  • Through-the-door disconnect switch
  • 110V GFI service outlet (requires separate power feed)
  • Higher AIC rating: 25K or 65K
  • Analog receiver level probe for % reading of refrigerant level
  • Replaceable core liquid drier
  • Replaceable core suction filter
  • Remote panel
  • Electric defrost
  • Hot gas stub for ice machine
  • Heat reclaim valves available on Large Platform
  • Hail guard
  • LED light inside control panel and/or compressor cabinet
  • Low ambient (heated/insulated receiver)