​​​​​​​​Proto-Aire XP​​

Proto-Aire XP is the latest innovation in Protocol distributed systems.
This new product was designed specifically for small format stores. It is engineered for efficiency and performance, designed for convenience, and built to last.

Engineered for 
Efficiency and Performance.
Designed for Convenience. 
​Built to Last.​​

Proto-Aire XP is a parallel refrigeration system consisting of six pre-configured models with varying capacity.​
The units consist of 3 to 4 scroll compressors and 3 to 4 variable speed condenser fans for improved energy efficiency. The medium temp suction group is controlled by a lead variable capacity digital scroll and the low temp suction group consist of liquid injected scroll compressors, all controlled with patent pending control logic by Hussmann. This new design uses an electronic CDS valve to provide improved load-matching performance between the low and medium temp suction groups. Structural and piping enhancements are part of the
new design, resulting in improved access to internal components.​

​Efficiency and Performance.
Proto-Aire XP was designed specifically for the unique refrigeration needs of small format stores. The Hussmann, patent pending control logic algorithm quickly adjust to the large load shifts commonly associated with small format store applications. The result is a more efficient matching between compressor cycling and store load demands. A variable frequency drive (VFD)and variable speed fans come standard to further increase energy efficiency.
Designed for Conv​enience.
Proto-Aire XP was designed with serviceability
in mind. The placement of service components
are located near the outer parameter of the unit
with easy-open access panels to make service as
convenient as possible. But we didn’t stop there.
Proto-Aire XP comes in six pre-configured units
to make product selection and ordering quick and
simple. The QR code facilitates easy access to
install and service documentation.​

Quality and Value.
Proto-Aire XP delivers exceptional value and quality for years of reliable refrigeration. The patent pending control logic algorithm and electronic CDS valve are synchronized to provide optimum load distribution between the low and medium temp suction groups. And the new piping design reduces potential system leak points by 7% compared to the original Proto-Aire design. It all adds up to ​quality ​and value that you can trust.​​
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Standard Configuration.
Mechanical Components (Factory Installed)
  • Copeland scroll compressors
  • Electro-mechanical high pressure safety for compressors
  • CDS stepper crossover valve
  • 72/145 lb. heated and insulated receiver
  • Liquid drier with bypass
  • Turbashed oil separator with oil filter
  • Suction filters on LT and MT suction groups
  • Adjustable drop leg pressure regulator (winter flooding valve)
  • Fixed receiver pressure regulator
  • Hot gas stub with SOV for ice machine defrost
  • Full port isolation and service valves​

Electrical Components (Factory Installed)
  • Electronic controller with Hussmann patent pending control logic
  • JCI system 450 back-up pressure controls for compressor low pressure control and condenser fan cycling
  • OMC electronic oil level control
  • Variable frequency drive (VFD) for condenser fans
  • Replaceable core filter/drier and sight glass
  • Replaceable suction filter per suction group
  • 208-230V/1ph/60Hz power and control wiring
  • 120V/1ph/60Hz controller power

Cabinet Features
  • Pre-painted galvanized steel cabinet
  • Hinged, lift-off doors (one door can be reattached over control panel section to provide sun shield)

Refrigerant Options

  • R448A, R449A, R407A/F, R404A

Available Options.
Options (Factory Installed)
  • Hail guard (easy on/off)
  • Electrofin condenser coating 
Options (Ship Loose)
  • Remote panel
  • Protective weather hood (allows piping circuits to be elbowed down 90˚ where piping exits the unit)
  • Remote disconnect
  • Remote header for circuits with or without EPR installed​