​​Protocol and Protochill Refrigeration Systems


Protocol Innovation In Sustainability
Protocol is the most widely used refrigeration system directly addressing today’s environmental concerns.


Protocol HE (High Efficiency)
Proven refrigeration system for reducing refrigerant charge and installation, construction and operating costs



​Protocol - OLP (Outdoor Low Profile Unit)
The OLP mounts on the roof directly above its case load for ease of installation and traditional charge reduction benefits.




Protocol - 8 Compressor Unit
The new 8 compressor unit will allow you to pack more refrigeration capacity into a single horizontal enclosure.



SP Protocol
A smaller platform, 3 compressor Protocol unit for convenience stores, foodservice operations and supermarket remodels.

Small footprint outdoor Protocol unit with integral 
air-cooled condenser.


Proto-Aire EZ
Proto-Aire EZ is the latest innovation in outdoor, multi-compressor refrigeration systems.

Proto-Aire XP
Proto-Aire XP is the latest innovation in Protocol distributed systems​ designed for small format stores.


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