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Hussmann partners with supermarkets throughout the world to help them attract shoppers through the attractive display of fresh foods.


 Display Merchandisers 

   Specialty Merchandisers 

​  Refrigeration Systems 

​  Retail Optimization 

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 EcoShine II LED Lighting 

  EcoVision Doors 


For over 100 years, Hussmann has been a leader in producing merchandising, refrigeration and service solutions for grocery stores and supermarkets. Many of Hussmann’s innovations, such as the first patented display case, the first frozen food case and the first multi-deck dairy case, have helped define the modern supermarket industry.

Today Hussmann enables excellence in food retailing with a wide range of merchandising and refrigeration solutions, coupled with store optimization, food quality consulting and store planning support. Hussmann also has a world class service organization with over 20 company owned service branches and over 600 company employed technicians in the US and Canada. These branches provide project management, application engineering, installation, maintenance, and a full range of related support services.