​​​​​​​​EcoShine II LED Upgrades

Save up to 71% on your current energy bills by “upgrading” all your existing fluorescent case lights to
Hussmann EcoShine II LED lights.

The Retail Optimization Level One Audit focuses on energy efficient solutions and visual
merchandising enhancements with EcoShine II LED lights and EcoVision medium temp door upgrades.

Hussmann truly understands your merchandising and refrigeration needs and offers a complete
turnkey solution that includes a store audit, equipment ordering and installation, detailed cost
analysis and ROI of the upgrade, and utility rebate opportunities.


Why Hussmann EcoShine II LED lights?

  • Uniformity of light creating more vibrant displays
  • Application specific products (canopies, mullions, walk in cooler doors, shelves) ... not one-size-fits all
  • Less heat inside the refrigerated display case
  • Easy installation with magnetic mounting or brackets for shelf lights; quick connect electrical
    adapters; 5’ leads on canopy lights and vertical mullion lights; and minimum number of power
    supplies required