​​Retail Optimization

Hussmann’s Retail Optimization program evaluates your entire store footprint to provide turnkey
solutions that reduce energy costs, enhance visual merchandising and optimize the overall operating
performance. Since as much as 90% of the energy used in your store comes from refrigeration
equipment, lighting and HVAC, we provide solutions to improve the energy efficiency of these
systems, lowering your operating costs and increasing your Return on Investment (ROI).


Retail Optimization Benefits

  • Reduces energy consumption and costs
  • Increases visual merchandising to attract shoppers
  • Improves operational performance of existing assets through asset optimization
  • Improves ROI through utility incentives, rebate programs and government grants
  • Achieves corporate sustainability goals and enhanced consumer image of your business
  • Establishes baseline health assessment of existing stores and provides opportunity punch list for
    continuous improvement
  • Offers turnkey solution from project planning, management and implementation on a regional and
    national level