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microDs Header image of an RMN-W Reach-In

Hussmann's microDS

We’re creating a healthier world for consumers and safeguarding the environment by offering microDS, which provides an excellent customer option in our portfolio of products and solutions.

Hussmann's microDS is a micro distributed system that is water-cooled and only uses R-290 as the refrigerant, and is a self-contained, hermetically sealed unit.

Hussmann’s microDS-equipped merchandisers can be installed faster and easier with little or no downtime because their built-in refrigeration units are self-contained, hermetically sealed, and already have been charged, tested, and programmed before delivery on-site.

  • They are charged with up to 150 grams (5.3 ounces) of propane – slightly more than a half-cup – per circuit, which is 90-95 percent less refrigerant than is typically used in systems charged by HFCs.
  • R-290 has a tiny global warming potential (GWP) rating of 3, compared to an average HFC refrigerant, which has a GWP rating greater than 1300.
  • The microDS system can provide excellent refrigeration in full-sized grocery merchandisers, even open multi-deck and reach-in units, with just a small propane charge of 150 grams, a major scientific and technological achievement by Hussmann.

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