Product details

Purity: the Energy Efficient, Natural Alternative

The Purity system provides superior energy efficiency when compared to many other CO2 options and to

many other traditional refrigeration alternatives. The unique technology behind Purity allows it to be installed

in southern climates and still operate at favorable energy efficiency levels. Each Purity system is designed with precise line sizing to limit pressure losses, increase efficiency and enhance performance. ​


Summary of Benefits for Food Retailers

  •  A completely natural refrigerant solution
  •  Minimal green house gas emissions
  •  Superior energy efficiency
  •  Precise compressor suction superheat control for long term reliability
  •  Minimal operating costs
  •  Innovative compressor lubrication management system for reliability and performance
  •  Remote management of system parameters
  •  Adaptable for efficient operation in southern climates

 Customized, plus variety of options to meet the needs of each customer