Hussmann LED HighLights

Bruce Schneider, Sales Specialist, Merchandising Lighting

LED's beyond Energy ....

When deciding to upgrade refrigeration display cases, retailers think of energy savings and the lowering of their maintenance costs --  and both are valid parts of the equation.   However, what if all competitors were equal on those savings criteria?   What would be (or should be) the next item in the decision process?

I would challenge the norm by saying that it should be performance of the products and the flexibility to install.

The aesthetics of any fixture should look as though it belongs in the display case, not something that was retrofitted.   If fixtures are designed properly for food retail, they should be easy to install and help retailers get back to selling food.

The biggest part of the decision process should be weighed against the performance.   LED fixtures should be designed to provide uniformity of light on food displays, regardless of the size of a glass door or the style and type of medium temperature case ... with the correct output and CRI to "pop" food displays.

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