Product details

​​​FW, FWG Wide Island Merchandiser for Frozen Food / Ice Cream

FW Wide Island for Frozen Food/Ice Cream
FWG Wide Island With Glass for Frozen Food/Ice Cream
FWE Wide Island End Case
FWEG Wide Island End Case With Glass


Features / Benefits

  • Superior energy efficiency in a frozen island
  • More merchandising capacity than Impact
  • Excellent temperature consistency and stability throughout the display zone due to Hussmann's proprietary discharge air louvers and continuous tube serpentine coils
  • High visibility
  • Good clearance under case for easy cleaning
  • Easy raceway access and simplified wiring

Options Include

  • Various paint and bumper colors
  • Sliding Glass lids
Case Department Dairy, Frozen, Meat
Case Function Self-Service
Case Temperature Low Temp, Medium Temp, Multi Temp
Case Type Island, Single-Deck