Product details

​PWR-E Refrigerated Island, 98 ½” Wide
PWREE Refrigerated Island End Case​
Available in 8’ and 12’ lengths.

Excellent Refrigeration Performance

Designed for bulk produce applications, the PWR provides dramatic advances in refrigeration performance for produce island displays. A unique coil, center flue and air discharge design forces cold air through products. Produce is kept colder with very stable and consistent temperatures throughout the entire display area. Each end case also has a dedicated coil and fan package to ensure superior refrigeration performance.

Less Refrigerant Needed

Hussmann modular coils require 50% to 60% less refrigerant within the coil than full length coils.

Quick, Easy Cleaning

High impact bottoms with radius corners are easier to clean. Lift-out back panels provide quick access to fan assembly.

Case Department Produce
Case Function Self-Service
Case Temperature Medium Temp
Case Type Island