Product details

WDCHE-3C 4’ Elite Hot Food Case, 3 Wells, Curved Glass

WDCHE-5C 6’ Elite Hot Food Case, 5 Wells, Curved Glass

WDCHE-7C 8’ Elite Hot Food Case, 7 Wells, Curved Glass

WDCHE-3S 4’ Elite Hot Food Case, 3 Wells, Straight Glass

WDCHE-5S 6’ Elite Hot Food Case, 5 Wells, Straight Glass

WDCHE-7S 8’ Elite Hot Food Case, 7 Wells, Straight Glass

Service, Self-Service and Combo models available.

Merchandising Excellence

The WDCHE provides all the merchandising appeal of the Elite line, allowing you to extend your creativity to display tempting hot foods in the Elite specialty environment.

Elite Styling

Dramatic appearance with uncompromising attention to detail is a hallmark of Elite. The WDCHE brings this heightened style sense to your hot food displays to

enhance the appearance of your heated products.

Hussmann and BKI for Hot Food.

Hussmann and BKI have teamed up to create hot food merchandisers with all the benefits. These include Elite styling and durability plus BKI quality. In addition, BKI will provide training and support to help maximize your hot food

sales and profits.

BKI Performance.

Thermostatically controlled wells, ideal for independent zoning of various food products in the same case, provide even heating and expanded merchandising. Food is kept at proper temperature for hours of effective display.

Case Department Deli, Hot Foods
Case Function Service
Case Temperature Hot Foods
Case Type Elite, Single-Deck, Glass Door / Lid