Product details

TerraChill DX2 – CO2 Cascade Rack

A Natural Refrigerant Solution

Hussmann’s TerraChill DX2 is a low temperature subcritical direct expansion refrigeration solution using CO2, a naturally occurring refrigerant. The use of CO2 as a refrigerant reduces the HFC charge with a minimal impact on energy efficiency to reduce the carbon footprint of the system.

Subcritical Operation

TerraChill DX2 is a subcritical CO2 system. Unlike CO2 secondary or liquid recirculation systems, subcritical CO2 systems use a vapor compression cycle similar to traditional direct expansion systems. Instead of condensing against ambient air or water, the CO2 condenses against a primary refrigerant such as R404a. 

TerraChill DX2 Environmental Advantages vs. Traditional Rack Systems:

  • Use of a lower cost natural refrigerant
    • GWP of 1 vs. R404A with 3920
    • Approximately an 80% reduction in total refrigerant cost
  • 60-70% Reduction HFC charge
    • All HFCs are removed from the sales area for low temperature loads
    • Primary HFC receivers sized for winter flooding charge
  • 50-70% reduction in HFC leak rate
    • HFCs can only be found in the machine room and the condenser, dramatically reducing the risk of refrigerant leaks
  • 30-50% Reduction in carbon footprint
    • Reduction in the HFC charge
    • Lower HFC leak rates
  • Use of CO2 as refrigerant
    • Minimal increase in energy consumption
    • Less copper piping required
    • CO2 has 7x the volumetric efficiency of R404A which reduces line sizing tremendously