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Charge Limit for Propane (R-290)

The IEC just approved an increase in the charge limit for propane (R-290) from 150 to 500 grams. How does this affect you?

  • The standard revision allowing up to 500 grams of R-290 is in the international version of the equipment safety standard for commercial refrigerators, IEC 60335-2-89. The North American versions of the standard (UL and CSA) will go through a revision process of their own starting later in 2019. A working group composed of U.S. and Canadian experts will make harmonized changes to their standards based on what is best for North America. This may mean that a charge limit of less than 500 grams for R-290 is approved, or that it is only allowed in certain types of equipment, but we will have to wait and see. That work will likely take one and half to two years to complete.
  • Europe, on the other hand, will likely adopt the IEC version of the standard with the 500-gram limit for R-290 starting sometime in 2020.