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Hussmann eGrocery Picking, Staging, Pickup/Delivery, and Automated Fulfillment

eGrocery offers picking, staging, pickup/delivery, automated Fulfillment

Enhance Your Brand

Hussmann’s innovative technology provides an organized approach that helps you meet the needs of your customers, while driving higher profits and increased customer satisfaction.

We deliver online grocery solutions that streamline operations, while ensuring food safety and quality.


The Process That Works!


• Reduce time to pick through technology
• Fewer touches improves food quality
• Lower cost to serve
• Increase shopper loyalty with better accuracy
• Out-of-stock identification



• Optimized order staging footprint
• Flexible location for quick installation
• Convenient access reduces time and labor costs
• Increased speed and accuracy through transparent storage
• Maintain critical freshness and food quality standards


Pickup & Delivery

• Increase shopper convenience with flexible locations and pickup times
• Expand your customer reach
• Enable volume growth (increase number of orders/day)
• Maintain critical freshness and food quality standards




Automated Fulfillment Solutions 

Whether your incoming order rate is putting a strain on your in-store picking model or you want the most optimized picking process to grow your business, consider moving to an automated fulfillment solution.