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Refrigeration Program Management (RPM)


Making the Complex, Simple

Expert execution of your new commercial refrigeration system installation or remodel programs, with the speed, service and flexibility your project requires.

Who We Are  

The RPM team is made up of project managers and administrators to oversee a variety of complex refrigeration equipment installation or remodel programs nationwide.

Our specialty is making the difficult easy for you to manage. With our nationwide network of service teams, distributors, and vetted sub-contractors, we can fulfill the installation scope no matter the complexity or speed you are moving at.

And with our track record you can rest-assured knowing that you’ll have unmatched quality at every turn.

The RPM Process


Get matched with a single point-of-contact.

  • No more headaches trying to manage contractors or vendors that differ from location-to-location all with their own unique rules and regulations.
  • You get one contact to manage it all and keep you updated on progress at every step along the way.
  • Plus, you’ll have a private website to stay on-track with invoices, RFPs, milestone tracking, pictures, documents and more.

We start a survey of each store for scope.

  • Our national team reviews the requirements for each location in your program to set timelines and quote your program appropriately.
  • We’ll communicate with key store personnel at each location to understand all the requirements.

Let us handle your installation service program whether it's local or nationwide.

  • We have 20+ team members across the country ready to handle whatever you need.
  • We’ll own the project to make sure every detail is handled.
  • Including managing all Hussmann installers or approved 3rd-party contractors.

Who We Serve

Contact us today to hear more about the high-velocity success stories we have in each of these markets and to better understand how we can help make your installation or remodel program simple.


RPM proudly serves Mass Merchants, grocery stores and supermarkets with commercial refrigeration unit solutions...

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Small Format & C-Store  

Our flexible approach works within the environment of your...

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Retail Optimization

When dealing with perishable goods, high efficiency is key. Quality commercial...

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 Traditional RPM proudly serves Mass Merchants, grocery stores and supermarkets with commercial refrigeration unit solutions that attract shoppers, reduce food and beverage shrink and enhance food safety.

cworks beverage merchandiser

Small Format & C-Store

Our flexible approach works within the environment of your store type. We’ll work with convenience stores and dollar stores as well as a variety of other small format retailers. From walk in coolers to reach in refrigerators, we make sure your system runs smoothly.

Eco-vision Doors

Retail Optimization

Hussmann RPM's Retail Optimization services aim to upgrade your existing equipment to maximize energy savings and optimize your shopping experience utilizing the most up-to-date technology, skilled teams, and labor partners. 

We specialize in doors, lights, lids and have a full rebate team that handles all the process from prequalification's to final rebate payouts. We've also taken the next steps in innovation by providing the industry a new foam door product that will accept digital screens - enhancing the shopping experience even further.

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Retail Performance Management