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Save Energy. Save Money. Go Green!

Hussmann is your go-to resource for identifying and capturing rebates.

Utility Companies Offer Rebates to Curb Your Energy Usage

Supermarkets and convenience stores conduct their day to day operations in an energy-intense environment. Energy is in CONSTANT demand in order to keep products cold, customers comfortable, and products well-merchandised in order to maximize profits. High energy usage, however, means high energy bills (and decreased profit margins) for retailers and an increased load on the electric grid for utility companies. With that in mind, utility companies across the United States and Canada offer robust rebates to customers in the grocery retail segment aimed at curbing usage and promoting energy-efficient equipment purchases.

Don't Miss Out On Rebates For Your Next Project

Millions of dollars in rebates are currently available across the United States and Canada for a variety of projects, such as:

  • LED upgrades
  • Refrigerated/freezer case motor upgrade
  • Medium temperature and low temperature door upgrades/retrofits
  • Store remodels
  • New store construction
  • Refrigeration system modifications

These rebate dollars can help offset the "first cost" associated with energy projects and can significantly improve the return on your project investment. If you're not taking advantage of rebates on your projects, you're leaving money on the table that your competitors will take advantage of in the near future.

Hussmann's Rebate Management Program offers turnkey solutions for all of your store's energy needs.  

Hussmann's Rebate Management Program Can Take One More Thing Off Your "To-Do" List

While there are many great resources available to identify rebates you are eligible for (such as the DSIRE database, utility websites, etc.), capturing rebates can be tricky and needless to say, time-consuming. 

Hussmann's Rebate Management Program offers turnkey solutions for all of your store's energy needs. Keeping your bottom line as our top priority, we add value to your business by making capturing rebates easy. Our streamlined process leverages our industry expertise and key utility relationships in order to maximize incentives for your projects. 

Interested in More Information?

Contact your salesperson today, or contact the Rebate Management Team directly via email at [email protected].

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