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Social Responsibility and Ethics at Hussmann

Better Partners

Hussmann has always been committed to being your responsible partner.

Hussmann Promise

A Promise That Matters

Better Businesses: We make our customers better. This could be through making a service call, getting a part delivered on time, or making a better-quality merchandiser that attracts shoppers while safely preserving fresh foods.  
Better Partners: We are dedicated to providing the most customer-focused solutions in the industry. We pride ourselves in partnering closely with customers to understand their unique needs and drive their business into the future. 
Better World: Our vision for a better world aligns with Panasonic's vision to enrich people's lives and move society forward. It also ties to Hussmann's stewardship philosophy to leave the world better than we found it. 

Sarah Greenwood

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

“Our people make us who we are. We are passionate about our culture that supports individual career development, safety, community stewardship, and much more.” 

Better Partners Through Our People

Our core values shine through our employees’ work and stewardship. Please explore the areas below.  

The way we achieve results is rooted in our Behaviors for Success. We value Customer Focus, Respectful Courage, Personal Accountability, Team Player, Owner Mindset, Solution Driven, and Challenge and Change – and it shapes how we interact with each other and how we treat our customers.

“Our superior equipment attracts our customers, but it's the support and value we as employees provide that creates repeat business and success.”

- Manufacturing Quality Leader

We’re committed to fostering an environment where safety is intentional every day – in the places where our employees work, in the communities where they live, and in the transportation that moves them between the two.

“We have hundreds of employees in the Heartland District, and every day, getting them home to their families safely is our No. 1 priority.”

- Health & Safety Leader

We strive to develop the full potential of our workforce, collaborating across the organization to create a better world.

"The TechX Program has given me professional growth I would have not been given elsewhere. The graduation ceremony was one I'll never forget because it allowed me to meet with and learn from influential leadership.”

- TechX Graduate and Installation Technician

Stewardship is the heart behind our culture and Behaviors for Success. We support our employees in getting involved with their communities, realizing our collective power toward making a difference.

“Our team banded together to donate blankets, sleeping bags, toiletries, towels, socks, shoes, clothing – everything you could imagine – to our 20-plus boxes and a total of 1,500 pounds of clothing to send over.”

- Chino Leader


Ethical Governance is a Cornerstone of our Business

These principles guide our every action, every day:

• Maintaining a high level of accountability in all aspects of our organization. This includes being transparent in our actions and taking responsibility for our decisions.

• Staying committed to compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards, backed by processes to monitor and address any potential compliance issues. 

• Promoting a culture of ethics within our business and ensuring that our employees and leaders regularly review key ethics training and our Code of Ethics & Compliance making it part of their daily practices.

• Encouraging a collaborative and inclusive approach in decision making. We value diverse perspectives and encourage open dialogue and debate.

• Practicing sound financial management and maintaining accurate and transparent financial records regularly audited by internal and external auditors

Eileen Petito

Senior Vice President and General Council

“Good Governance is the foundation for an organization’s culture.”

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