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Insight Merchandisers Dairy

Trusted Insight™, Proven Results

In designing Insight, we consulted with retailers and shoppers to found out what they needed most. Retailers want to improve sales and reduce costs, while shoppers want access to safe, fresh and appealing foods.

We listened carefully, getting continuous feedback throughout the development process. Their insights centered around four key areas:

  • Advanced Merchandising: Flexibility in case aesthetics to enhance merchandising and align with store image
  • Superior Food Quality: Shorter defrost cycles ensure temperature stability and help protect food integrity
  • Sustainability that Pays: Insight provides approximately 17% case energy savings on average vs other Hussmann models and uses over 30% less refrigerant in coils vs previous coil designs  
  • Retail Performance: Cases are easy to clean as seamless plastic bottom reduces waste harborage points and help prevent leaks, coil is in the back wall away from food debris, and electrical components are IP67 rated which allows them to be sprayed with water