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​​​​ID6SU-R Insight Dairy, 6-Deck, Standard Depth, Ultra Low Front, Rear Sliding Doors
Available in 4’, 6’, 8’ and 12’ lengths.​

Features / Benefits

  • Designed for optimal facings in packaged dairy and deli applications
  • The ultra low front provides optimal visibility for products on bottom deck
  • Rear sliding doors allow rear stocking directly from walk-in cooler
  • Each rear door has three panels that slide together for full access

Superior Food Quality

  • More stable and uniform product temperatures to maintain freshness
  • Shorter defrost cycles protect food integrity

Energy and Sustainability Benefits

  • 17% case energy savings on average vs. our most efficient, currently available Hussmann products
  • EcoShine II LED lights standard, up to 71% more efficient than fluorescents
  • Over 30% less refrigerant in coils vs. previous coil designs