Q1-LS, Q1-LC

Product details

​​​​​​Q1-LS, Q1-LC Frozen Service Merchandiser with Straight or Curved Glass



  • Remote: 4', 6', and 8'


Features / Benefits:

  • LED canopy lights double row †
  • Straight lift-up non-glare glass (Q1-LS)
  • Curved lift-up front glass (Q1-LC)
  • Energy efficient evaporator fans
  • Energy efficient air sweep fans
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Black vinyl cart bumpers
  • Please reference color chart for choice of standard Hussmann paint and finish options (www.hussmann.com)


Options* Include

  • Curved non-glare glass (Q1-LC)
  • Special height to match Q3 or Q1
  • Rear thermoplastic ledge
  • Ledge lights – only LEDs may be used for ledge lights †
  • Black or white interior
  • Kool gas defrost
  • Arm mount scale stand with cat-5 dataport and outlet
  • Stainless steel pedestals
  • 2-way mirror rear sliding door kit
  • One 15 amp duplex outlet
  • Custom lengths and options* (consult your Hussmann sales representative)


Matching Case Lines

  • Multi-Deck Service Deli Straight or Curved Glass: Q3-DS or Q3-DC
  • Multi-Deck Self-Service: Q3-SS or Q4-SS
  • Service Bakery Straight or Curved Glass: Q3-BS or Q3-BC
  • Service Multi-Deck Meat/Fish: Q3-MC or Q3-FC
  • Service Multi-Deck Fish: Q1-FC or Q1-FS
  • Single-Deck Service Deli Straight or Curved Glass: Q1-DS or Q1-DC
  • Single-Deck Service: Q1-SS
  • Service Hot Straight or Curved Glass: Q-HS or Q-HC
  • Self-Service Front with Service Prep Top: Q3-SP


* Some optional features may need to be certified by UL, NSF, and/or other 3rd party certification agencies. Contact Hussmann for verification or questions for availability.


† Only lighting configurations that are compliant with the U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE) 2012 regulation are available for sale for use in the U.S.A.

Case Department Frozen
Case Function Service
Case Temperature Low Temp
Case Type Q Series, Single-Deck