Proto-Aire XP

Product details

Proto-Aire XP is the latest innovation in Protocol distributed systems.

This new product was designed specifically for small format stores. It is engineered for efficiency and performance, designed for convenience, and built to last.

Proto-Aire XP is a parallel refrigeration system consisting of six pre-configured models with varying capacity.​

The units consist of 3 to 4 scroll compressors and 3 to 4 variable speed condenser fans for improved energy efficiency. The medium temp suction group is controlled by a lead variable capacity digital scroll and the low temp suction group consist of liquid injected scroll compressors, all controlled with patent pending control logic by Hussmann. This new design uses an electronic CDS valve to provide improved load-matching performance between the low and medium temp suction groups. Structural and piping enhancements are part of the new design, resulting in improved access to internal components.​