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Since the 1930's, Hussmann has been the leader in designing refrigeration systems specifically for food stores. Hussmann offers a full line of flexible refrigeration solutions, including parallel compressor systems, Protocol™ distributed low charge systems, Purity ​CO2 systems​, Protochill™ distributed secondary systems, TerraChill™ CO2 systems, medium temperature central secondary systems, mechanical centers, electrical distribution centers and condensing units.

When you choose Hussmann, you get years of expertise and a number of refrigeration system options. Click on each type of system below to see more detail and find the solution that’s best for your store. ​

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Small Formats

Parallel Racks​​
Parallel racks are large refrigerant charge central compressor systems located in a machine room.


These u​nits are smaller parallel compressor systems located in close proximity to the refrigerated loads.


Purity Transcritical CO2 Systems

Purity is a multiple compressor system that uses R744 (CO2) exclusively.  It operates efficiently in low, medium and high temperature applications.

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Central Secondary
These systems utilize heat transfer fluids that are pumped around the store from the backroom (sometimes called “chillers”). 


Port-A-Pak Equipment Centers
Port-A-Pak is a pre-packaged outdoor "equipment center" that simplifies refrigeration, electrical and HVAC installation.


Condensing Units
Condensing units are single compressor systems with a condenser coil, used for individual cases or line-ups of walk-in coolers or freezers.


Krack Coils and Condensers
We offer an extensive line of Krack evaporators, condensers and condensing units for all your commercial refrigeration needs. 

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Electrical Houses
All your electrical distribution equipment can be pre-installed in a separate housing located outside your store or designed for indoor locations. 

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