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Product Details

IP2SL Insight Produce, 2-Deck, Standard Depth, Low Front, Available in 4’, 6’, 8’ and 12’ lengths.

Features / Benefits

  • The IP2SL can be used for single or two-deck displays to create an ideal platform for fresh produce
  • An extra tall mirror can be used to create a visual wall of produce in single-deck applications
  • Second deck can be added to increase merchandising space


  • Various ends, lighting, shelves, racks, paint, and bumper colors
  • Multiple mirror heights available
  • Two basic styling options, ellipse and faceted, with mix and match alternatives
  • Unique, high efficiency night curtains
  • Flip-up bottom rack
  • Sign-ready canopy facia panel
  • Options available on most models to adjust performance to Type II climatic conditions