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Product Details

Self-Contained, Medium Temperature Merchandiser with Environmentally Friendly R-290 Refrigerant. Ideal for Beverage, Deli, Pizza, Produce, and Sandwich Applications. 

Available in 3’ and 4’ Lengths.

Key features

The merchandiser offers a range of features designed for efficiency and visibility. It has an end cap narrow footprint and a 120V plug-n-play design for fast deployment. The environmentally friendly R-290 natural refrigerant is used to minimize environmental impact. Clear end panels provide increased visibility of the product, and the unit is designed for NSF Type II ambient conditions (80°F / 55% RH).

  • End Cap Narrow Footprint: Space-saving design.
  • 120V Plug-n-Play: Quick and easy deployment.
  • Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant: Uses R-290 natural refrigerant.
  • Clear End Panels: Enhanced product visibility.
  • NSF Type II Design: Suitable for ambient conditions of 80°F / 55% RH.