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Dollar Discount Stores

The expertise to expand your offerings

Our flexible display cases and dedicated Dollar & Discount team make it easy to compete in the beverage, frozen and fresh food markets.

Flexibility for any footprint

Your customers expect value. Exceed their expectations with an expanded offering of drinks, ice cream, perishables and more, displayed to entice impulse buys.

New to this space? Hussmann is a total solution partner, helping our discount retailers overcome the barriers of entry into the beverage, frozen and fresh foods markets, and to engage in these lanes more competitively, efficiently and profitably.

As an industry leader in optimizing the retail merchandising of perishable foods, and enhancing a customer's experience, we have a proven track record of helping retailers succeed. Trust your perishable foods program to a company that’s much more than a refrigeration manufacturer. We’re your dollar store service leader, supporting you with over a century of expertise providing integrated solutions in food quality, merchandising, performance, energy efficiency, installation and service.

As dollar and discount stores become more sophisticated and versatile in their offerings, Hussmann has developed a series of new solutions to improve energy savings and sustainability, and to help you ensure food safety.

Your partner in performance

At Hussmann, it’s our people that make the difference – we are a high-performing dollar store service team focused on delivering quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. 

Our total solutions program includes store design, equipment and fixtures, cabinetry, consulting services and overall image enhancement. We believe that customer service is just as important as any piece of equipment or design we provide. That is why each of our staff is dedicated to assisting our customers with exactly what they need.

We pride ourselves on providing the best value in the industry, offering competitive pricing on whatever equipment you may need. Utilizing our nationwide network, we provide a single source for a total package, which includes quality Hussmann refrigeration equipment. We make it possible to upgrade your facilities, improve appearance and provide greater efficiency to increase your customer traffic flow – all at a lower operating cost.

As dollar stores become more sophisticated and versatile in their offerings, Hussmann has developed a series of new solutions to improve energy savings and sustainability goals, and to help you ensure food safety. Our environment packages consist of equipment that can reduce energy consumption, keep foods cleaner and safer for your customers, and reduce refrigerant charges.

  • We serve the needs of food retailers with the most extensive selection of state-of-art display cases. We are known for our durability, efficiency and unrivaled ability to create custom solutions.
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  • When you choose Hussmann, you get decades of expertise in commercial refrigeration and the biggest selection of high-performance solutions specifically engineered for the food retail industry.
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  • Our selection of doors fits a wide variety of case types, from reach-ins and walk-ins to island merchandisers, all designed to display your foods beautifully.
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