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The Leader in Refrigeration and Food Safety

The way to grocery shoppers hearts is through fresh produce and first-rate meat, dairy and other perishables. Countless studies show freshness and food quality are among the biggest factors why consumers chose one food store over another. When comparing apples to apples, refrigeration performance can be a deciding factor in the safety and integrity of the foods you sell.

As a worldwide leader in display merchandisers, refrigeration systems, installation and services, the Hussmann team is 100% dedicated to helping food retailers protect and maintain optimal freshness. Simply put, we provide the highest quality in refrigeration and food safety. Everything we do is geared toward helping you succeed as a fresh food purveyor.

Our long history brings unrivaled expertise in temperature control, monitoring and food safety measures. We know the million ways that perishable food can be compromised, and engineer our products to keep food fresher, longer. Our equipment is tested to more stringent standards than the competition to help you maintain the maximum freshness and appeal of the foods you sell. 

There is no company that food retailers depend on more to ensure the quality of their fresh food supply.

Your partner for keeping food fresher, longer

When perishable foods are involved, adequate steps must be taken to ensure food safety and quality. Superior meat, dairy, produce and frozen food cases can maximize food quality and integrity, but our performance doesn’t stop with our products.


Hussmann merchandisers are developed with easy-to-clean features, so your team has more time to focus on the needs of your customers.

We know the million ways that perishable food can be compromised, and engineer our products to keep food fresher, longer.

Hussmann's food integrity team provides tailored food safety and quality consulting services to the grocery industry. Our goal? To improve overall food integrity while maintaining regulatory compliance, protecting brand identity and supporting risk mitigation. Our expertise from diversified food industry management experience, paired with in-depth scientific resources, establishes customized solutions for the following situations:

  • Food Quality
  • Product Integrity
  • Food Safety
  • Cleanability
  • Traceability
  • Quality Assurance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Third Party Audits
  • Food Industry Trends
  • New Technology Development
  • Food Testing Services


We work with retailers, manufacturers, growers, trade associations and government entities around the world in tackling some of the industry's most critical situations. Through our relationships, knowledge and experience, we strive to contribute to policy aimed at raising food safety standards across our industry.

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