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Appealing to your shoppers’ desires

What appeals to one shopper may miss the mark with another, and what works in your store might be different from the competition. We know retailers want to move products and increase sales, but it all starts with knowing how to move the people who walk in your store.

By understanding consumer behavior as well as the demographic and social trends that affect the communities you serve, you can develop merchandising and other business strategies that better address the needs of your shoppers. This can help you attract more customers and create brand affinity. 

At Hussmann, we study retail trends and do the research to learn what matters most to every customer segment, from the “value shopper” and the “impulse buyer” to the “health & wellness seeker.” This knowledge shapes the products and technologies we design. All so we can help you you create lasting relationships with your customers.


The art & science of in-store attraction

We know merchandising is the heart and soul of your ability to sell more products to your customers. That’s why we have a dedicated merchandising solutions team here to work with you on finding the right solutions to differentiate yourself from other food retailers. We offer retail planning and design services, partnering with you to ensure your store meets brand standards and is optimized for success. 

Our extensive line of inspired merchandisers are designed to attract, guide and influence shoppers. We offer unique specialty products to help you develop a new niche or create a specific theme. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let us create something special, just for your store.

The Q Series makes your finest foods irresistbile

Merchandising with color and light

When you want to make your foods stand out, the right lighting is everything. What brings out the freshness of produce – rich LED light – is different than best practices in highlighting dairy, which demands neutral-white light. Hussmann can help you achieve the perfect color, warmth and appeal for each food type, whether packaged or open display.

We’re revolutionizing the effectiveness of food retail lighting with solutions for every store format and every case to bring your merchandising to life. Products like our EcoShine LED lights are custom designed to create dramatic visual impact in each department: meat, produce, dairy, seafood, specialty, frozen, and more. 

EcoShine LED lights enable better visibility for shoppers to see and select products, while bringing out the vibrant colors of the displays and packaging. The result? An enhanced shopper experience. What’s more, our EcoShine LED lights emit less heat into the case than fluorescent lights, resulting in lower product temperatures which help maintain the fresh, appealing look of perishable foods.