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Delight Bakery Multi-Deck Service Merchandiser with Curved Glass.


  • DZC-C-R (Refrigerated): 4', 57", 75", 8' and 12'
  • DZC-C-D (Non Refrigerated): 4', 57", 75", 8' and 12' 


  • Laminated exterior finish solutions to match your bakery decor
  • Clear glass top to improve product visibility and incase lighting 
  • Large clear glass rear service door to improve ergonomics and allow easy access to products
  • Lift up front glass for easier stocking access and cleaning
  • Air sweep minimizes sweating for improved product visibility
  • Black interior (allows product to stand out)
  • EcoShine ULTRA LED front canopy lighting with 5 year warranty
  • Energy efficient fans


  • Painted or stainless steel exterior finish
  • Various bumper styles
  • Solid metal and glass shelving solutions
  • Shelf PTM
  • EcoShine ULTRA LEDs with 5 year warranty:
    • Shelves
    • Ledge lights
    • Rear canopy lighting
  • 2-way mirrored glass rear service door 
  • End panels (solid or view)
  • White or stainless steel interior


  • Self-service Merchandiser: DZC-SS 
  • Frozen Bakery: SFNG
  • Ambient: PastryBread, Cake and POS Counters

Key features

  • Part of full bakery department solution
  • Increased packout in a narrow footprint
  • Exceptional styling
  • Improved product visibility
  • Energy efficiency

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