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The future of food retailing is NOW!

Technology and innovation are rapidly altering the landscape at a pace never seen before. Join us for an exploration into the evolution of the industry as we work towards becoming Better Businesses and Better Partners for a Better World.

It’s time to Shop the Future – Let’s all Be Part of it!

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Episode 3: The Digital Landscape in Food Retailing Evolves with eGrocery

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the digitalization of many industries. New technologies are evolving and emerging every day.

Hussmann Vice President of eGrocery, Dan Sullentrup, is our guest in this edition of the Shop the Future podcast. He outlines the growing use of e-commerce in food retailing and highlights Hussmann‘s eGrocery offering as well as provides a glimpse into the future of online shopping for the industry.

Episode 2: Changing the Food Retailing Service/Install Game With IoT Solutions

For decades food retailers have struggled to find consistent solutions to solve their refrigerated equipment issues. These issues can be problematic and extremely costly.

Hussmann Director of Connected Services, Clay Rohrer, joins Matt Judkins in this edition of the Shop the Future podcast to highlight how the digitalization of traditional service and install models are evolving through innovative technologies and these solutions can benefit food retailers.

Episode 1: Food Retailing Regulatory Change

The regulatory environment for food retailing is constantly changing. The rules and compliance issues can be very complex with several organizations providing guidelines for the industry to follow.

 Hussmann CEO, Tim Figge, joins Matt Judkins in this edition of the Shop the Future podcast for a discussion on how technology and innovation are propelling refrigeration manufacturers to meet the constantly evolving regulations with sustainable solutions.