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Better World

As a leading provider of merchandising cases, refrigeration systems, aftermarket services, and more - we have a role to play in order to drive change across the industry. Learn more about the action Hussmann is taking to create a better world for us all.

Hussmann Promise

A Promise That Matters

Better Businesses: We make our customers better. This could be through making a service call, getting a part delivered on time, or making a better-quality merchandiser that attracts shoppers while safely preserving fresh foods.  
Better Partners: We are dedicated to providing the most customer-focused solutions in the industry. We pride ourselves in partnering closely with customers to understand their unique needs and drive their business into the future. 
Better World: Our vision for a better world aligns with Panasonic's vision to enrich people's lives and move society forward. It also ties to Hussmann's stewardship philosophy to leave the world better than we found it. 

Tim Figge

Chief Executive Officer

“For over a hundred years, Hussmann has been committed to sustainability. It’s at the core of everything we do. We strive to be a trusted partner for our customers as we embrace the future of food retailing - all while ensuring we are supporting a better world.”

Next-Generation Technologies and Low-GWP Refrigerant Solutions  


Hussmann is your partner in the refrigeration industry. As the needs of the food retail industry have evolved over the past century, we have evolved to provide our customers with solutions for our current and future world.

Evolve Technologies provides a comprehensive portfolio of technologies that enables the use of low-GWP (global warming potential) solutions to meet regulatory requirements. With Hussmann already being a world leader in the refrigeration industry, we also now offer solutions that work with CO2, R290 and emerging alternative low-GWP refrigerants.


A Better World Through Action


Hussmann offers a suite of environmentally friendly merchandising cases and refrigeration systems as well as features and services to help retailers better manage their energy use.

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We work closely with our retail partners to continually provide solutions that reduce waste, extend the equipment’s lifecycle and find cost-savings.

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Hussmann is committed to continually investing in our manufacturing facilities and processes to become more sustainable.

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Service and Install

A key component of sustainability in the refrigeration industry is to ensure your equipment is installed and serviced properly.

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Green Team

We aim to invest in our employees and the community for a more sustainable future.

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These Products Include:

• Natural-refrigerant-driven merchandisers that work with CO2 and R290, which results in 99% less impact on the environment

• Optimized refrigeration systems built to reduce energy consumption, increase product shelf life and reduce food waste

• Energy-efficient products that include LED lights and next-gen fans that save energy, protect food safety and highlight your product effectively

• Top-performing door offerings to prevent energy waste

• High-efficiency evaporator options that reduce refrigerant charge

As part of our Hussmann Promise, we aim to be our customers’ guide, helping them to navigate regulations in the HVAC/R industry to stay in compliance and achieve their sustainability goals.

  • Automatic refrigerant leak detections systems like StoreConnect can alert retailers and contractors to harmful leaks sooner and provide fix confirmation when the problem has been solved

  • Electronic Shelf Labels (through Aperion) help retailers drive savings and eliminate waste on printing paper tags and can be utilized to easily optimize pricing to sell fresh food before its shelf life is reached

  • Millions of dollars in rebates are currently available to retailers across North America for sustainable projects. Hussmann’s Rebate Management Program is a turnkey solution to simplify the process and maximize the incentives for your projects. Our Refrigerant Carbon Credit team manages the process to attain and sell your carbon credits for projects you undertake that have a lower GWP

  • Hussmann Performance Parts is a leading provider of parts to keep your cases running optimally whether they are recent additions to your store or have been around for decades. With services like "Stocking Plans" to keep you stocked on the parts you need before you know it and "Refresh" to breathe new life into old equipment on the inside and out

Some of the recent initiatives we've undertaken include

  • Next-generation manufacturing technologies that help reduce production waste 

  • Smart materials, handheld devices and other documentation solutions that reduce use of natural resources like ink and paper  

  • Continued investments in our manufacturing facilities and their capabilities, including a recent expansion of our labs and manufacturing facilities.  Some of these updates involve LED lights, non-hazardous paint, and new manufacturing equipment - all of which create a more energy efficient manufacturing environment and enable us to produce more sustainable refrigeration systems to be used throughout North America.

Hussmann has 28 locations across North America with over 1200 expert service and installation technicians that work with our subcontractors and customers to create the most efficient and sustainable installations to keep your equipment performing.

Whether it’s installing the latest CO2 rack systems, managing cold storage facilities or working with retailers to quickly find and fix refrigerant leaks, our technicians are trained to extend the life of your equipment and keep it working in optimal conditions.

When it comes to the topic of sustainability, we not only consider new refrigerants but also how to maintain and extend the life of legacy equipment so that it runs most efficiently.

The Green Team is a group of employees at Hussmann focused on volunteer service projects as stewards for the environment. The Green Team has cleaned up trash along roads, held recycling events, and provided opportunities for employees to get engaged in altering workplace policies for more sustainable practices.


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