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Hussmann Expands CO₂ Capabilities with Production Capacity at the Suwanee Plant

December 06, 2023

BRIDGETON, MO (USA), December 6, 2023 Hussmann, a Panasonic company, has recently added production capacity for transcritical carbon dioxide (CO2) rack systems in its Suwanee, GA facility. The rapid adoption of CO2 technology by many retailers has placed a strain on the current original equipment manufacturer (OEM) capabilities and Hussmann is responding to meet the challenge.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives, upcoming regulations and hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) phase downs are rapidly accelerating the demand for transcritical CO2 systems throughout the industry. With the anticipated January 2025 implementation of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations on new store construction and the use of low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants, Hussmann is expecting to see the high demand for CO2 products accelerate.

Product Capability
The expansion of these production capabilities are focused on Hussmann’s large outdoor transcritical rack platform, part of the Evolve Technologies™ portfolio, and is designed to serve large and medium-sized retail floorplans. This unit’s footprint is optimized to consider loading limitations in areas where snow is common and flexible enough to accommodate various internal configurations.

Transcritical CO₂ System

Low GWP Refrigerant
Compared to a traditional HFC, transcritical CO2 systems have a low GWP of 1—providing a refrigeration solution that has the lowest possible environmental impact. Hussmann’s transcritical CO2 system is Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed, 50 state compliant, meets the needs of the upcoming EPA regulations and provides an advantage for retailers looking to meet their ESG goals.

Applications for Use
Transcritical CO2 rack systems are ideally suited for new construction projects where there is no existing refrigeration infrastructure. Refrigerated display cases, unit coolers and piping from existing synthetic systems are not suitable for use in a CO2 application. Learn more about the new transcritical CO2 rack from Hussmann.

About Hussmann
For more than 100 years, Hussmann Corporation has been a leader in providing innovative products, services and refrigeration systems for grocers and convenience stores. Hussmann, a subsidiary of Panasonic, promises to continuously provide the most customer-focused solutions in the food retailing industry. From display cases for supermarkets to entire refrigeration systems, Hussmann continues to drive innovation and technology in food retailing. Customers look to Hussmann as a strategic trusted partner to navigate the complex and ever-changing regulatory requirements with smarter, energy efficient, low-GWP refrigeration solutions—reducing their energy consumption and carbon emissions. For more information about Hussmann, please visit