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Hussmann Launches New HVACR Troubleshooting APP for Service Technicians

September 30, 2015

Bridgeton, MO – September 30 - Hussmann recently launched a new HVACR troubleshooting app designed for their field service technicians to better serve their customers during service calls. The web-app is touchenabled as it takes technicians through a series of progressive options to identify, pinpoint and correct several different issues relating to performance of installed HVACR equipment. The tool is designed so technicians can experiment, test different troubleshooting options and view varying courses of action before taking repair actions.

“This new tool provides Hussmann internal technical teams with real-time training and diagnostic information to analyze and correct issues at the job site using mobile technology,” commented Jay Welu, Vice President Operations, “We continue to look for new methods to train and develop our current service technicians, but also provide our customers with a differentiated experience that helps their bottom line and improve their operating performance.”

As part of its ongoing focus on technician training, Hussmann worked closely with the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) in the development of the web app content. RSES is a leader in training and education for professional HVACR technicians and contractors, and strives to provide opportunities for enhanced technical competence by offering comprehensive, cutting-edge education and certification to its members and the HVAC community.