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Choosing the Right Commercial Refrigeration

picking right refig systems

Pick the right refrigeration system for your needs

When you choose Hussmann, you get decades of expertise in commercial refrigeration and the biggest selection of offerings for the food retail industry. We design innovative refrigeration systems to serve the needs of any food store, with an unsurpassed level of flexibility that helps our customers achieve their unique goals. 

Our full line of advanced, high-performance solutions includes parallel compressor systems, Protocol distributed low charge systems, Purity CO2 systems, Protochill distributed secondary systems, TerraChill CO2 systems, medium temperature central secondary systems, mechanical centers, electrical distribution centers and condensing units.

Whether you are looking to reduce refrigeration charge and leak potential, lower energy consumption or simply trying to find a more cost-effective refrigeration solution, Hussmann application engineering teams are ready to help. 

Read on to learn more about our commercial refrigeration solutions.

Parallel racks

parallel racks

Parallel racks are large refrigerant charge central compressor systems located in a machine room.

Hussmann pioneered the development of integrated refrigeration systems and now offers a complete selection of advanced parallel racks with the following benefits:

  • Flexible: Every solution is custom designed, engineered, and manufactured for specific needs and applications.
  • Reliable: We start with high-quality components and manufacturing techniques, then rigorously test every rack before it leaves the factory to ensure reliable performance.
  • Energy Efficient: From compressors and sub-cooling techniques to system configurations and proprietary technologies, we can suggest the solutions that provide the most energy efficient refrigeration package available for your application.

Distributed systems

distributed systems

These units are smaller parallel compressor systems designed for small format and c-stores. The Protocol family uses compact multiple compressor refrigeration units that are designed to be distributed around a store. Putting the units closer to the refrigerated loads reduces the system’s refrigerant charge and energy consumption. 

Advantages of Protocol over traditional parallel systems include simple maintenance, elimination of the need for a machine room and environmental benefits including fewer refrigerant leaks and a 60-80% reduction in refrigerant charge.

Our extensive portfolio of distributed systems includes: 

  • Protochill - A medium temp secondary glycol version of Protocol with an integral pump and chiller for new store and remodel applications.
  • Proto-Aire - A compact footprint outdoor unit with an integral condenser that can be installed outside next to the store or on the roof, reducing space requirements for equipment inside the store.
  • Protocol OLP - A larger footprint outdoor unit that can integrate Krack condensers.

Central secondary systems

central secondary systems

Sometimes called “chillers,” these systems utilize heat transfer fluids that are pumped around the store from the backroom. Our full line of central secondary systems help customers meet their needs for sustainability, efficiency and cost effective operation.

  • TerraChilli – a natural refrigerant solution that reduces the HFC charge and features a lower carbon footprint than traditional central direct expansion systems. TerraChill uses pumped liquid CO² as a secondary fluid in both low temperature and medium temperature applications. Our TerraChill DX2 model uses sub critical direct expansion CO² for a low temperature solution.
  • M-Series  – a medium temperature glycol secondary system that can help reduce global warming potential. The solution mates to a parallel rack that uses a traditional refrigerant to cool the glycol, its inline pump installation requires fewer components and connections to increase reliability and minimize service costs.

Purity transcritical CO2 systems

purity transcritical CO2 Systems

Purity is a multiple compressor system that uses R744 (CO2) exclusively. It operates efficiently in low, medium and high temperature applications. A completely natural refrigerant solution, the Purity system provides superior energy efficiency when compared to many other CO2 options and to many other traditional refrigeration alternatives. 

The innovative technology behind Purity allows it to be installed in southern climates and still operate at favorable energy efficiency levels. Each Purity system is designed with precise line sizing to limit pressure losses, increase efficiency and enhance performance.

Condensing units

condensing units

Condensing units are single compressor systems with a condenser coil, used for individual cases or line-ups of walk-in coolers or freezers. 

Our H-Series air-cooled condensing units for low, medium and high temperature applications are designed to be flexible, built to be durable, and feature accessible parts and electrical panels for easy installation and service.