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Product Details

This multi-deck merchandiser unit seamlessly blends into your store, setting new standards in high-volume refrigeration for dairy, deli, produce and beverage applications.




  • The ID5SLO90Z introduces the 90° Outside Zero Point Wedge, facilitating a 90° outward turn in a lineup when used with ID5SL parent cases

  • The ID5SLO90Z features a narrow back to minimize footprint, a low front for enhanced accessibility and visibility, and DOE compliant energy performance.  

  • Flexible shelf positions offer versatility to accommodate products of varying dimensions, catering to the diverse needs for retailers 


The multi-deck merchandiser corner wedge configuration is designed for optimal product display that calls attention to merchandise while the case fades into the backgroundMaximize your store’s footprint with this outside wedge strategically positioned to drive sales. 

Customize your refrigeration solution to align with your brand identity and functional requirements. This multi-deck merchandiser corner wedge offers optional shelf lighting and a range of shelf sizes.

Speak with a Hussmann sales representative today to learn more.  

  • NSF / ANSI Certified 

  • Intertek ETL Listed 


More About Multi-deck Merchandisers

Multi-deck merchandisers are modular cases used for storing and promoting food at grocery, convenience and other retail stores. Multi-deck refers to the multiple levels of shelving available to store goods of varying weight and sizes. Merchandisers are designed with presentation in mind, giving customers a full view of products. 

This merchandiser is a corner wedge, meaning it must be wedged between other multi-deck merchandisers. For questions on sizing or compatibility with your current store layout, contact a sales representative.