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Product Details

Entyce Self-Service, Narrow 3 or 4 level Merchandiser with for Deli, Dairy, Sandwiches, Cheese, Grab & Go, Beverage, and Produce Applications​

Self-Contained lengths.

  • TY3-3: 4.5' (TY3-3x4.5E-S), 5.5' (TY3-3x5.5E-S)

Remote lengths.

  • TY3-3: 4.5' (TY3​-3x4.5E-R), 5.5' (TY3-3x5.5E-R)
  • TY4-3: 4.5' (TY4-3x4.5E-R), 5.5' (TY4-3x5.5E-R)


  • Painted exterior
  • Radius glass perimeter
  • Canopy lighting
  • Black interior
  • 2" black vinyl cart bumper
  • Energy efficient fan motors
  • Forced air refrigeration coils
  • R448A regulatory compliant low GWP refrigerant condensing unit (self-contained)
  • Evap pan: floor sink not required (self-contained) 
  • Digital Danfoss controller with demand defrost (self-contained)
  • Please reference Color Chart for choice of standard Hussmann paint and finish options (


  • Optional base heights
  • Special stainless steel tube bumper 
  • 10" shelves
  • Black-angled product display inserts 
  • LED shelf lighting
  • Solid surface top inlay
  • Stainless or white interior
  • Liquid line shut-off valve (remote)
  • Custom lengths and options* (consult your Hussmann sales representative)