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EcoVision Door System for Walk-In Coolers

Product details

Easy to see. Easy to shop. The EcoVision Walk-In Glass Door System has been designed to address the unique conditions of glass door merchandising


  • EcoVision Walk-In Glass Doors match EcoVision Multi-Deck Case Doors for visual consistency in your store
  • Heat-free door design
  • Energy efficient
  • Built-in durability


  • Durable construction
  • State-of-the-art lighting
  • Simple serviceability

Easy Gravity Feed System

Optimized for Walk-In Coolers, this gravity feed shelving pushes product forward so it is easy for shoppers to see and easy to stock from the rear.


  • Heat-free glass door – only the cooler frame is heated to prevent condensation
  • 24” x 75” French glass double-door design for great visibility with easy shopper access
  • Non-metallic frame for superior insulation
  • EcoShine II lights for canopy and/or mullions
  • A very thin, single post mullion with surprisingly narrow width and depth for excellent product visibility - Shelving system with 48” wide by 27” deep shelves; extremely durable

Rugged Construction

The EcoVision Walk-In Glass Door System features a molded case frame made with strong, non-conductive material and superior insulation that enhances energy efficiency. The durable construction of the frame maintains the overall integrity of the entire display area.


  • Dividers
  • Product stops