Electrical Houses

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Hussmann Electrical Distribution Centers (EDCs) 

Complete. Pre-Assembled. Customized to Your Needs.

Now all your electrical distribution equipment can be pre-installed in a separate housing located outside your store. EDCs can also be designed for indoor locations on ground level or a mezzanine. You’ll cut construction costs, avoid scheduling delays and reduce overtime. Everything is factory installed, ready to hook up to in-store connections.

Earlier Store Openings

By eliminating on-site electrical installation you can open stores faster to meet Grand Opening schedules.

Lower Overall Installed Costs

Hussmann EDCs reduce overall costs by substantially cutting on-site electrical labor, simplifying construction and freeing interior floor space.

Eliminate Temporary Power

Stop the headaches associated with time-consuming and inadequate temporary power. EDCs can provide full site design power earlier in the construction process.

Consistent Quality Store to Store

Each project is precisely designed to your requirements, producing consistent results at every location.

Saves Interior Floor Space

With the EDCs mounted on the roof or outside pad, store space used for electrical equipment can be converted to sales area or eliminated.

Tax Benefit

The present value tax benefit of an EDC may be substantially greater than the tax benefit of electrical equipment installed in your store.

Design Flexibility

Enclosure construction can be modified to suit your needs. Components can include , power monitoring systems, remote switching capabilities, environmental controls, adjustable motor controllers, back-up generators, telephone equipment, lighting panels, transformers, refrigeration systems, heating and air conditioning equipment... whatever the project requires.