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Shop the Future Mobile Experience


The Hussmann Roadshow

In 2019 we set out with a goal to bring the latest Hussmann portfolio of products and solutions to as many customers as we could.
We bought a trailer, outfitted it with innovative Hussmann solutions, and hit the road.

The Shop the Future Mobile Experience gave Hussmann a unique opportunity to directly bring products and solutions directly to our customers. Initially this was a safe way to focus on customer needs during an unsure time. We wanted to make it as easy and safe as possible for customers to continue to do business.

Reactions from customers were overwhelmingly positive. Being able to directly interact with our customers is the very definition of customer focused. 

Learn more about the Shop the Future Mobile Experience from Hussmann CEO Tim Figge

Shop the Future Mobile Roadshow Lifetime Stats



What is Shop the Future?

Shop the Future means using technology to provide experiences for customers that are more convenient, modernized and sustainable.

Hussmann’s legacy is about merchandising food. While merchandisers of all shapes and sizes are now found everywhere in stores across the world, at one time that was a novel idea. It all came from a future-focused solution to an everyday problem. We continue that legacy of innovation with technology like electronic shelf labels and leak detection technology.

Shop the Future means always striving for providing a better experience for shoppers, which leads to better outcomes for retailers - our customers. Whether it's a more efficient open-air merchandiser or adding doors that decrease energy consumption by up to 70% Solutions such as electronic shelf labels reduce excess paper and tag waste while allowing dynamic pricing for moving products before they spoil... which minimizes shrink and food waste. Listen to our Shop the Future Podcast here.