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Product Details

IRMN - Insight® Reach-In Medium Temperature, Narrow

Available with 2, 3, 4, and 5 doors.



• Designed for maximum energy savings, refrigeration performance, and merchandising impact

• Industry leading door design for more product visibility and substantial energy savings

• Improved serviceability with easy-to-access refrigeration components and reversible doors

• Internal redesign creates extra pack out with efficient airflow


Available in low temp and medium temp

• Available in narrow and standard depth

• Available with CO2 and DX refrigerants

• Available with left- and right-hand door configuration

• 18”, 20", 22”, 24” shelves for narrow case model

• 20”, 24”, 27” shelves for standard case model

• Various kits for customization (shelves, racks, lighting, paint, and bumper colors)



The industry leader in overall product visibility for a reach-in door.
The 0.89 (in) door rail provides modern styling without compromising product visibility.
65% RH performance at 75 F.
Robust 3 pane construction for low temp and normal temp applications.
Anti-Fog film ensures a clear view for merchandising.
Non-Heated doors for both LT and NT applications (frame heat only).
Available in RH or LH swing.